In the gospel we declare that God saves sinners in Christ and through his death. It is the foundation for the church and the hope for the world. CtC UK wants to help ensure that we not only know the gospel and preach the gospel but build healthy churches that are centred on and empowered by the gospel, as it renews our hearts, changes our lives, builds the church and impacts our world. That certainly includes a holistic application of the gospel to all of life, including work, family and the arts, and an outworking of the gospel, in both word and deed, through sacrificially serving our cities as we seek their welfare.


We are a city movement and our concern is to focus our energies on the larger cities in our country. For the first time in human history, more people are choosing to live in cities than outside of them so it's a strategic priority that leads CtC UK to focus on the church in the city, so that through the cities, we might start to reach the nation. We aim to equip churches with what is necessary to understand and respond to the challenges and opportunities that come from ministering in our cities of the UK.


Holding to the one true gospel, we intentionally seek to develop movements of the gospel in our cities through collaboration between churches and church-planting movements. CtC UK is not only a church-planting movement, it is a movement of church-planting churches and we believe cities can be best reached with the gospel when planters working in a city from different tribes and networks decide to work together, forming a movement of the gospel through church-planting. What we already see happening, through movements in Birmingham and Edinburgh, we long to see develop in other cities too. 

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